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The Carapace Yacht/Submarine Offers Travel Luxury & Secrecy

The Carapace Yacht Submarine has a super technology that makes it fit for a James Bond movie. The yacht can transform into a submarine and back. Also, its maximum depth is 985ft (300m) and can delve into the ocean 10 days at a time.


Elena Nappi is still designing it and the vessel will likely be the most wanted by billionaires. The Italian based Naval architect opened up about her project in 2018. It is to be ready by 2021.


Carapace Yacht/Submarine


It started for her degree in Naval Architecture. This yacht is 256ft long (78 meters) and will be able to reach a maximum speed of 16 knots on the surface and 13 knots below water. A diesel-electric and fuel cell system powers the vessel. Also, it has a light aluminum superstructure.


On the reason why she designed it, she wrote on the Barche Magazine:


“The design is the result of two important factors that have changed and are continuing to change the international arena. The first is represented by socio-political changes and the paranoia of individual celebrities regarding personal safety.


The second concerns changes in sailing in the last 10 years and the search for increasingly larger boats to show off. The submarine/yacht concept aims to produce a hybrid that captures the features and performance of the original vessels – the beauty and comfort of a luxury yacht and the privacy of a submarine.” 

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Carapace will be important to politicians, billionaire celebrities, and many more who want the privacy that the sea offers. Further, the submarine looks perfect for underwater sightseeing. 11 people can use the yacht at a time, with the insides designed for one disabled person among this number.


Carapace interior. Photo: Barche Magazine.


On her target customers, Elena said:


“Carapace is designed for the private and public market. The public sector may require this facility when there is a requirement to arrange important meetings, or define agreements or negotiations in complete confidentiality.


Private customers may commission this submarine for reasons of privacy, but it will mainly be to spend time with guests and relax, and enjoy completely new experiences not usually available on normal yachts.”


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