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The Three Best Pillowcases To Help You Combat Acne

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What are the odds that your pillowcases can save you from a lot of skin problems? The odds are in your favour if you already have the right type of pillowcase for your beauty sleep.


If you’re conversant with the ‘beauty sleep’ concept, then you’re aware of the effect of night sleep on your skin. It’s common knowledge that the best time to repair skin is at night. This is why there are specific night time skincare rituals one needs to practise. However, this may make no difference if you neglect what you sleep on for 5-8 hours at night.


We admit that we all desire to wake up every morning looking more radiant than we looked when we had a shut eye. Unfortunately, the mirror mocks us with weird grooves etched across our faces, and possibly some dried drool. Drool or not, that skin just doesn’t pop and the culprit could be the innocent looking pillowcases you sleep on. The right case helps to reduce fine lines on your face by eliminating the friction between your face and your pillowcase. If you sleep on your side, you especially need this.


Your Pillowcase and acne

Acne is no new skin problem and there have been several recommendations. Sure, some work while others, well, they simply don’t do much. It has been an age-long skin problem for all ages. If you’ve tried all the solutions for your acne, then you should give this a try.


Since we spend up to one-third of each day asleep, it only makes sense to get the right fabric for what you sleep on. While you sleep, all the moisture, oils and dirt from your skin and hair transfers to your case. Over time, it builds up, and then your skin can absorb all of this debris especially after your night routine when your pores are open. To combat this you should:

  • Wash your case at least once a week. You should also wash your actual pillow every three months.
  • Get the right pillowcase to minimise the effect and keep your skin looking healthy.


The Three Best Pillowcases To Help You Combat Acne

1. Silk Pillowcase


What better way to sleep like a princess than to sleep on a silk pillowcase! This is one way to slingshot you back to your beauty sleep dreams. They help hold a healthier sleep surface for you. Unlike cotton or linen, which tugs on the skin, silk glides over your skin which then reduces the stretching and pulling that causes lines on the skin. It’s also cool to the touch and leaves your skin feeling smooth.


They are made from the threads of the cocoons woven by silkworms. The fabric repels dirt, oil, mould and other allergens. Due to this, it promotes skin cell renewal for healthy, radiant looking skin. In addition, silk pillowcases help your skin maintain its suppleness and also keeps it hydrated.


2. Microfiber


They are made from polyester and nylon synthetic fibres. It helps create a tight, soft and smooth weave. Just like silk, it repels allergens, dust mites and specks of dirt. Also, it supports skin hydration, surface texture and gives you clearer skin.


3. Satin Pillowcase

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They are extremely soft materials with a smooth and matte surface. They tend to cause less friction between the skin and the fabric, which then reduces the fine lines and creases that can form on your face. Also, they can help to minimise wrinkles. They are typically made of silk, nylon and polyester and holds the same properties as silk.

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