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The Best Way To Give Your Foundation A Flawless Finish

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Wouldn’t you want people to look at you and say, “Oh my gosh, your skin looks amazing! Did you use foundation?” Isn’t that surreal? The reason why a number of people apply foundation is simply that they want to hide all their blemishes or scars. They simply want a second flawless skin and the perfect canvas for their makeup. So, many could make the mistake of applying too much foundation or not even applying it the right way.


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There is a lot that photo filters can do for you, but they won’t give your foundation a real-time flawless finish. The truth is if your foundation is not in place, everything else you do would be a total disaster. It’s the foundation for a reason, and there’s a lot the right application technique can do in saving you from looking your worst on a good day. You can’t look your best even if you use the best eye shadow hue or boldest lipstick. You’re simply one bad foundation away from looking like you walked through a hurricane.


For the absolute best foundation application that would last longer, follow these steps for a flawless finish.


The best way to give your foundation a flawless finish



Step 1: Clean your canvas

You face is the perfect canvas, and a good artist works with a clear and clean one. Therefore, to begin, you should follow a morning skincare routine of cleansing. Then exfoliate (if your skin is rough, do this at least one in two weeks). After that you can use a hydrating sheet mask which would be before you then moisturise. Massage your moisturiser into your skin thoroughly to boost circulation and reduce puffiness. Then you can move on to the application while your moisturiser is still damp.


Step 2: Prime your face

If you have an oily skin at your t-zone, then you should use a primer. Using this helps your foundation last longer. Apply an anti-shine primer on your forehead, nose, chin, hairline, sides of the nose, and around the mouth. You can also just prime as needed.




Step 3: Apply the foundation

Ensure you’re using the right shade of foundation. Do this by testing on your jawline first. If it disappears seamlessly into your skin, then it’s right for you. When applying, do so from the centre of the face, move on to the apples of the cheeks, and slowly blend out. It may not look perfect after you’re done but there are more steps.


Step 4: Blend it

It doesn’t matter the tool you use — a foundation brush, beauty blender or even your finger — you should buff not paint. Buffing helps the foundation set into your face rather than give you a streak after-finish. Dab all the way and even at the corner of your nose at edge of your eyes. This would help the foundation sink into our skin for a natural second-skin look. Blend all the way to your neck if your face looks a different shade (which it shouldn’t if you have the right foundation shade).


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Step 5: Fine-tune with a concealer

Sometimes, pimples and spots can be a bit stubborn. However, you shouldn’t apply another coat of makeup if you want a natural look. You can simply use your ring finger to tap a concealer on the spot. Leave for about three to five minutes before you buff the spot with your beauty blender without smudging.



Step 6: Set it with a powder

You would want to finish off with a loose powder for a flawless finish. This is better than a pressed powder. It would help set your foundation and keep it from sliding to a disastrous finish by noon. Therefore, with a fluffy powder brush, dip into the powder, tap off the excess, and swirl it over your face in soft circles. Be careful not to apply too much.


Now, you can take pictures and still get admired physically because you would be the queen of the absolute best flawless foundation finish.

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