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Tesla’s Supercharger Network Expands Far Into Areas In The Arctic Circle

Tesla announced that it is providing supercharger stations in the coldest regions close to the Arctic Circle. These are in the Northern parts of Sweden, Finland and Norway.


This comes after the electric car company announced the first set of Model 3 cars produced in its Shanghai Gigafactory 4. Tesla is doing quite well and as a Bloomberg article pointed out, it is one of the companies of the decade.


Despite the ridicules it faced as well as government sanctions, it does not show signs of fatigue. To ensure that users of its products get comfortable charging stations, Tesla is stretching its reach this far North.


The Gigafactory 4 will produce about 150,000 cars a year which will increase the number of Tesla cars in the market when added to those from its other factories. This factory will also be responsible for making Model Y electric cars.

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Supercharger Network is owned by Tesla and it already has 16,000 Supercharging stalls around the world. These stalls are in 1,800 stations and cater to most of the European users’ needs. But now, stations will be built specifically in Lapland and Finnmark to create convenience for Tesla customers. As electric cars require regular recharging.


This network offers electric car owners fast charging options that recharge their cars without delays. The stations recently come with V3 Superchargers that are capable of 250kW or 1000mph peak output.


Tesla Supercharger network arctic circle
Tesla Model 3 in snow. Photo: Teslarati.


Tesla’s move into the Arctic circle region is also important for another reason. This is the fact that Tesla cars are popular in these regions. For example, Tesla Model 3 is more popular than the common Volkswagen Polo now. Making it the most popular car both electric and otherwise in the country. Norway is also in this same boat as the citizens have fully accepted these next generation of cars.


More growth for Tesla’s products is expected later in 2020. Reports claim that the car company will reduce the price of its coming Model Y to enable it to sell more.


With this latest indication of growth, it seems like we are witnessing the rise of a super company taking over the world.


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