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Tesla has finally started taking reservations for its semi truck

Tesla Semi, an electric big rig announced in 2017, is finally approaching realisation as the car company opened up reservations deposit for the truck. According to what CNET says, you will need to drop at least a $20,000 deposit (or $15,000 by wire transfer) to book one.

So far, the only production detail we have of the coming electric truck is that it is expected in 2023. However, the fact that reservations have begun means that the truck will soon start leaving the factory.

Piped to come with a 500-mile maximum range, a 20-second 0-60 MPH acceleration time at a full load of 80,000 pounds, a mega charger, and more; Tesla’s electric truck is expected to shakeup the world of trucking. Although, the company’s Cybertruck has failed to take off as expected.

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Called Tesla Semi, the big rig’s $150,000 assumed price tag could be offset with the fact that you will only need to charge it going forward. The idea is that what customers will save in fuel costs and environmental degradation would eventually be worth the price.

Things have not gone too smoothly with the Tesla Semi and it has experienced several delays and setbacks including chip shortages and limited production of its 4680 battery cells.

The electric car company is in no way short of funds as InsideEVs estimated that it has $80 billion to finish productions gotten from the over 1.3 million Cybertruck reservations.

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