Tesla Now Hiring For Autopilot Testers Worldwide, Innovation On The Rise

Tesla Now Hiring For Autopilot Testers Worldwide, Innovation On The Rise

Tesla the Electric car company is currently recruiting testers around the world for its autopilot feature, this worldwide recruitment is a big step by the car company to see how autopilot behaves in different terrain.

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Autopilot is a self-driving technology that mimics car driver techniques, this tech has been developed in-house by Tesla.  And hey you don’t need a college degree to qualify for this job.


Electrek reported earlier that Tesla has started to hire more ADAS test operators for internal testing of its Autopilot and Full self-driving (FSD) features around the US, including California, and most recently in Phoenix and Austin.


Going Global is another feat for Tesla, the company posted more jobs for ADAS test operators looking to test its upcoming new full self-driving updates.

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The company wrote in a statement “We are looking for a highly motivated individual; to accelerate our vehicle-level testing for all current and also future Autopilot features on the path to full self-driving.”

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Tesla posted more of these job openings in New York, Chicago, and Miami among others. They posted international opportunities in Milan, Toronto, Paris, and Barcelona.


International testing will enable the autopilot feature to work in different scenarios and landscapes. Elon Musk plans to dominate the electric car space with exciting products; and these full self-driving as well as autopilot features are definitely a spark.

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Rigorous testing of millions, or eventually billions of test miles would ensure the feature gets all the tests it needs before it goes fully autonomous.


Musk intends to deliver a level 5 fully autonomous driving system by the end of the year, a feat that requires loads of time and testing.


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