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Tesla Model 3

Tesla Goes Global, Launches Model 3 Electric Cars In China, Shanghai

In a major move that will see Tesla claim a larger portion of the electric car market, it launched 15 vehicles in China, Shanghai. Just as 2019 comes to an end, Elon Musk’s company released its first set of China-made cars in its $5 billion Shanghai factory.


The manufacturing plant called the Tesla Gigafactory 3, cost $5 billion to build from December 2018 to August 2019. Then, production began in the same month. However, there was no fixed date for it to commence shipping.


Today, 30th December 2019, Tesla Inc. released 15 Tesla Model 3 cars made completely in the Gigafactory 3. The 15 Tesla Model 3 cars launched in China, Shanghai are not for sale. The company announced that they would be given to Tesla employees who received the cars at the ceremony.


Tesla Model 3 China Shanghai
Tesla Model 3 in China, Shanghai.


Prior to this groundbreaking achievement, Tesla cars all came out of its United States factories. Now, the Shanghai-based plant will offer it more transparency in foreign markets. It is touted to be able to produce 150,000 Model 3 cars which is smaller than the 350,000 production capacity of the Fremont, California factory.

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Also, the factory will be responsible for making Tesla’s Model Y cars, a crossover of the SUVs. They are expected in the Summer of 2020.


But, the Chinese electric car market was not barren before the entrance of Elon Musk’s vehicles. There are some notable big fishes like NIO Inc. and Xpeng Motors in China. Also, there are global manufacturers like BMW AG and Daimler AG vying for the top spot as well.


Tesla has a trick up its sleeves, however. The car company claims that it will make its vehicles as affordable as “midsized sedans” that run on fossil fuels.


China’s market is not all that Tesla targets to gain more grounds in the electric cars market. In November, it announced that it is planning to start building a factory in Germany to cover more European markets.


The general manager of the company in China, Allan Wang, said that they plan to put fossil fuel-powered cars out of business.


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