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Tesla Gets Go Ahead To Cut Down Trees To Build Its Factory In Germany

In a victorious court judgment, Tesla got the green light to cut down trees in Germany’s forest towards building its European factory. The past week, an environmental group had dragged the company to court and thus halted its work over the felling of pine trees in Berlin.


Tesla Inc. had revealed that its roadmap towards electric car market domination included building factories outside of America. It had successfully opened its Shanghai factory late in 2019. Even releasing the first set of cars made in the Chinese base.


However, this growth may be under threat with the COVID-19 spreading and halting production. Now, Tesla looks to start work fully on its European factory in Berlin, Germany.


This work had faced an obstacle after an environmental activist group, Gruene Liga Brandenburg (Green League of Brandenburg), voiced concerns over what the Gigefactory 4 would likely cause. The group had mentioned danger to wildlife and water resources.


After a brief court case, the judgment favours Tesla Inc. As The Guardian reported, the top administrative court in the Berlin-Brandenburg region ruled on Thursday that authorities had been within their rights to clear the way for work to start.

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Thus, Tesla can go on to cut down 92 hectares (227 acres) of pine trees at the site in Grünheide, which is 24 miles (38km) east of Berlin, Germany.


Tesla Germany forest
Tesla site in Grünheide, Berlin, Germany. Photo: Quartz.


The carmaker had revealed that it wants to push out at least 150,000 electric cars in 2020. And by 2021, it also plans to increase this number to 500,000.


While this decision may not sit well with the activist group, some see it as a good development. One such is Germany’s top business lobby group, the Federation of German Industries, welcomed the latest court decision on Friday. Holger Lösch, a senior official with the group, described it as “an important signal for Germany as a site for investment”.


This may also help bolster Germany’s faltering car industry. Since the country’s main source of income is the car manufacturing business; welcoming Tesla will do it a lot of good.


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