You are currently viewing Tesla to begin Cybertruck mass production by end of 2023

Tesla to begin Cybertruck mass production by end of 2023

— Tesla to begin mass producing Cybertruck by end of 2023.
— Analysts expect slowed sales when the vehicle starts shipping because of economic downtime.

According to Reuters, which cited two sources from inside the company, Tesla plans to start Cybertruck mass production by the end of 2023.

The company’s CEO, who is usually vocal, has not refuted or confirmed the report. However, if the news turns out to be true, the vehicle may be coming two years later than its makers initially promised.

In October 2022, Tesla appeared to be confirming ramping up efforts to bring the vehicle into the market when it said that it was readying its Austin, Texas plant for exercise. Although, at the time, the company said that production would begin in the middle of 2023. Later, Elon Musk told investors that Tesla was in the final lap for the truck.

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As CNBC estimates, if Tesla sticks to meeting production plans to satisfy reservations, the company may only start to see revenue in early 2024. It would also mean that the potential buyers may have to wait for a year to add the truck to their garage.

Teased to be capable of every cool driving feat and even offering boat-like services, the Tesla Cybertruck is expected to come at a top-of-the-line pricing. For now, the company has not confirmed just how much you will have to part with to get one of the vehicles when it enters the market.

While Tesla is still readying its truck line, competitors like Ford and Rivian are already cornering the market. Analysts expect that tough economic times would affect Cybertruck sales and see many who made the $100 reservation unable to meet the eventual price.

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