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Tesla Return Policy

Tesla Abruptly Cancels ‘No Questions Asked’ Return Policy

Tesla has canceled its return policy in which new buyers of its electric vehicles could return them for a full refund within seven days, with no questions asked. According to Electrek, the company is reportedly ending this particular marketing strategy.


Musk would boast with the seven-day return policy as an indicator of Tesla’s high customer satisfaction rates. This actually was because the company was so confident new buyers wouldn’t take them on the offer as they would have been satisfied with their purchase.


The offer was new in the automobile industry and thus customers would feel they have nothing to lose and take the bait. Tesla also used the policy to sell its cars like consumer electronics products. This allowed customers to order and customise their vehicles online with doorstep deliveries and return policy.

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According to Electrek, new buyers who want to return their vehicles now have to go through the customer service department. It is also unclear as to what makes them eligible for a full or even partial refund after purchase. Tesla didn’t make any announcements but mentions of the return policy have been removed from its site.


Earlier in October 2020, Electrek reported that Tesla had dissolved its public relations department. This means that press inquires are more difficult as there is no longer a dedicated person or department fielding such requests. Tesla has also not issued any statements on the issue.


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