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Teni Talks About Her New Album And Niniola On Ebuka’s “Rubbin Minds”

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Teniola Apata, known by her stage name Teni, was a guest on the new episode of Channels TV‘s “Rubbin’ Minds”. The episode hosted by Ebuka Obi-Uchendu shed light on her music, her relationship with her sister Niniola and what her fans should expect this 2020.


In the interview, Teni revealed that her sister, Niniola, taught her to sing, and she has always looked up to her before she finally broke into the music industry.


During her chat with Ebuka on the “Rubbin Minds” show, he had asked her if she has always been different from her sister in terms of music and style or if it was intentional.


Teni Talks About Her New Album, And Her Sister Niniola On Ebuka's "Rubbin Minds"
photo of Teni and Niniola. Photo Credit: Within Nigeria.


According to her, while growing up, all she wanted to do was play basketball, football, and video games while Niniola was the pretty introverted one.


She replied that Niniola has always been the pretty one in the family. She also isn’t bothered about what anyone says about her appearance or the perception that she’s a feminist (of which she was trolled for on social media), the only thing important to her is making good music.


“It wasn’t intentional, I have always been different. Nini has always been the pretty type. Me I have always been the Jaga Jaga…I’ll play basketball, come back home, go back and play soccer then come and play games. I am an extrovert and Nini is more like an introvert. Music made her come out more. We are just two different people,” she said.


The music star added that she would be dropping another album this year which will feature Niniola and probably an international artiste.

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Teni. Photo Credit : OneTribeMag


Ebuka went on to ask the award-winning singer if she feels pressured to look girlie since the assumption around town is that, female singers are supposed to use their music to sell s*x.


“I’m human and this is how I have chosen to be. To not expose my skin, to just be comfortable with my shirt and shoes, I like to be comfortable. So the most important thing for me is living me and being happy with what I do. As long as I’m not hurting anybody, I don’t care what people have to say”. She said.

Watch Teni’s Interview on “Rubbin Minds” below:


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