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Ten Ways To Ensure You Make A Lasting First Impression

It’s true that the first impression matters, but how do you make a lasting impression? You want to be remembered for a long time, and not just as the person who smiled. Smiling is a good way to get people to notice you as an approachable person. However, you also need to engage by interacting with that person. So, how can you achieve this? How do you breach the gap from attracting their attention to sustaining their interest?


There are several methods in achieving a lasting impression, and we know ten that are effective. By applying these to your interpersonal communication skills, you can successfully nail that business deal. Or better still, nail that date all the way to the aisle.


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Ten effecting ways to make a lasting impression

So you’ve made your first impression in 5 to 7 seconds. Now, you need to interact with that person. Don’t freak out! Talking might seem easier for the professionals who can rant on about poop and how nice it smells. Their manner of speech would have you nodding and testing out that theory. They can be that convincing.


Well, you too can be as convincing as they are once you master these ten tips we’ve got for you.


1. Introduction

Ensure you learn the person’s name of the person you’re interacting with. Remembering the person’s name proves that you care and are worth talking to. For example, when your contact says, “Hi, I’m Emeka,” reply with a simple, “Great to meet you, Emeka. I’m Tunde.”


2. Use your manners

Something as simple as saying “Great to meet you” after an introduction is golden. Introductions are where you need your common manners. Saying ‘please’, ‘sorry’, ‘nice meeting you’, ‘excuse me’, are likely to be remembered.


3. Control your volume

While being audible when talking is vital, try not to speak too loudly. This means you need to control your volume. Making a strong first impression doesn’t mean you should speak so strongly and loudly. You will end up throwing people off. Prior to the meeting, you can practice your speaking skills.


4. Be positive

Everyone loves a positive person, so be one. Your positivity reflects in your speech and actions. This portrays you as a person of interest. Endeavour to sustain a positive attitude always.


5. Be audible

The worst thing that can happen to you is if you speak and no one hears. That’s a river-full of saliva wasted. Being audible helps boost your confidence. Also, it reflects a degree of confidence. Even if you aren’t making sense, the odds are the audibility of your words gives the listener the impression that they’re the ones who lack understanding.


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6. Watch your tone

Just like body language is a giveaway for nervousness, you also need to take your tone to cognisance. Communication can be altered as positive or negative based on your tone. You can sound nonchalant, rude, too chirpy or unenthusiastic. So monitor your tone and stick to a calm, light and friendly tone.


7. Don’t be a ‘me’ person

No one likes that person that talks too much about himself. Being monotonous can get annoying if not boring. Yes, you might be quite interesting, but interesting might not land you a lasting impression. You can talk about yourself but speak in moderation. It actually helps the other person know a bit about you, well enough to understand you and engage in a conversation. However, try not to yap endlessly about how you broke up with your ex.


8. Listen

This tip doesn’t even involve talking. You simply have to master the art of listening. You have to be a great listener to be a great speaker. Listen and show you’re listening by giving non-verbal affirmations. There’s no point in listening if the speaker isn’t sure you’re doing the obvious. You should only speak if asked for an opinion, a contribution, if you have something important to say, or when the silence is cutting your throat.


9. Be prepared

Whatever the occasion is, meeting new friends or interviewing for a new job, it’s wise to prepare. Know who you’re going to meet and do your research on the person or place. This will help you build conversations easily while you remain calm, cool, collected and confident. It is always wise to be prepared.


10. Watch your body language

So, you’re acing everything else, but your body language is saying ‘shut up already!’ This is one of the reasons you need to be conscious of your body language. It can reveal how nervous or bored you are, so stay conscious always.


What are the skills that have helped improve your first impression?

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