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iphone 11 pro

Ten Funny Tweets About The iPhone 11 Pro

The new iPhone 11 Pro was just unveiled at the Apple event. Subsequently, in proper Twitter fashion, different tweeters have come out to troll. From people willing to sell their kidneys and also to others lamenting about the causes of their misfortune, the hilarity is out of this world. Check it out.


1. This one is blaming his parents


2. Also, we reject the spirit of backwardness


iPhone 11 Pro


3. This helpful DIY


4.  The original inspiration for the iPhone 11


5. The trilemma


6. This weird close-up


iPhone 11 pro


7. The harsh reality


8. Ikeja Under Bridge is, as expected, already ahead of the curve


9. Also, this person would actually sell a kidney



10. Finally, even the Nigerian parody police is in on the joke

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