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Ten Fun Bridal Shower Games And Activities

Planning a bridal shower amidst all the wedding drama can trigger your stressors. There’s the matter of coming up with games, what to wear, the location, food, drinks and pictures. The list of what and what not to do is endless and inexhaustible.


Therefore, if you’ve taken it upon yourself to plan one, then you either are a professional or family. If you’re the former, then you should add some ideas to our list. If you’re the latter, you must love the bride.


Deciding to plan something for her requires you to engage your creative genius. Thankfully, we have some games and activities ideas that can help you to strike that off your list.


The trick to having an amazing bridal shower is to come up with the perfect ice-breaker. This is because some of your guests have never even met before the event. You should also ensure you have an all-around blast while you’re at it.


Ten fun bridal shower games and activities

Let’s kick this off with the ice-breaker. There’s no point doing fun things when everyone is engaged with their phone. So, getting them engaged in the actual shower may involve you getting them to know each other first. To achieve this, do a (5 minutes, 5 questions, 5 people) activity. Get each person to speak to five people and get to know five things about each of them. This is one way to network while getting to know everyone. After the time is up, you can ask questions like, “Whose favourite food is spaghetti?” Whoever answers correctly first wins.


On to the bridal shower games and activities…



1. Toilet paper design contest

This is a very hilarious game for all. You don’t necessarily have to be an actual designer to know your way around the toilet paper. It’s hilarious because you can either try to be silly or serious and still look like a woman wearing a toilet paper. For this activity, you can give each participant one or more toilet rolls to design an outfit with on their body. Set a timer and enjoy the frenzy.


2. Treasured memories

This is a sweet way of letting the bride know you remember some treasured memories shared. Give the guests writing materials to put their memories down. It doesn’t have to be lengthy. Simply share your fond memories together.


3. Charades

Charades is a fun game where the guests have to guess a word by watching someone demonstrate. It is fun, especially when the word is difficult. You can download an app or use word cards.


4. Kiss the bride

No, it’s not done literally or that would be weird. This game is a drawing game, with a lipstick in your mouth. Give the participants an image to draw and watch them try to draw it while their partner guesses what it is. Keep a timer close to judge who guessed faster.


5. Find the guest challenge

This game requires your guests getting to know one another, so it’s great you had the ice-breaker. As the leader, call out things like, “find the guest whose favourite food is spaghetti”. Then watch everyone scurry around trying to find their pair.


6. Guess the dress

After printing an illustrated model, share it to all the guests. They each have to draw the dress they believe the bride will wear. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but close enough to the actual wedding dress. Then the bride can be the judge.


7. Know the bride

How well do the guests know the bride? Ask them questions about her, and the person who knows her best wins. You can determine this by whoever answers the most.


8. Karaoke

Who doesn’t love a good karaoke game when your voice isn’t the main criteria? This is a fun way to get people to enjoy themselves. Throw in some drinks while you’re at it to get them to loosen up enough to be silly.


9. Guess the age

Print pictures of the bride and groom from different stages of their lives. Paste it on a board and let the guests guess their age.


10. Musical chairs

Get your inner child out right now! This is a great way to enjoy dancing around chairs battling for who will sit faster without seeming like an old-mama-youngy (Young woman wannabe).

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