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Telematics: The Internet Of Things Technology Your Car Needs Right Now

Telematics, the internet of things technology adaptor gas been gaining a lot of attention for cars.


IMS | What is a Telematics Device?


Its benefits are numerous, from GPS navigation, car tracking, accident reporting, and others. A telematics device can do a lot of functions, for businesses and individuals.


Telematics Systems and Streaming Data in Transportation | AltexSoft

GPS Navigation

Telematic devices can display your driving patterns and analytics, how often you accelerate, brake and maneuver. Even Insurers now offer usage-based insurance (UBI), which uses GPS technology to offer mileage-based discounts. This motivates drivers to practice safe driving, as their insurers can see their analytics.


Telematics allows drivers to better plan their routes, by using GPS navigation. This tool show drivers the fastest routes to their destinations, traffic-ridden routes, and Accidents.


This technology can also help to estimate journey and delivery times, reducing travel time and fuel consumption.


What Is Telematics? | GEOTAB AFRICA

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Data Analytics 

Analytics from everyday car usage such as Car tires health, mileage, oil changes, batteries, brakes can be helpful for vehicle maintenance. These reports can be available on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and also yearly basis.


Maintenance Work

Only when there is available data, car maintenance can be followed promptly. When your Car health is constantly monitored, then you can receive an alert of any changes that need attention.  Regular maintenance will definitely improve your car mileage and condition.


This will prevent an unnecessary costly breakdown, help manage large fleets of vehicles and ensure proper planning for foreseeable expenses.


What is telematics? | Geotab



Telematic devices help drivers, management, and the general supply chain to communicate efficiently. Since locations of these vehicles are seen in real-time, delivery times can now be estimated; and logistics also planned according to the realities of things on the road.



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