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Telegram launches its premium subscription, see features

Telegram is rolling out its premium subscription with a pricing of $4.99 every month and additional features.

In a blog post, the Telegram Team said that they are updating the software with ‘over 100 fixes and optimisations’ as part of the subscription rollout. The premium plan gives users ‘doubled limits, 4 GB file uploads, faster downloads, exclusive stickers and reactions, improved chat management’ and more.

Here is a list of the biggest Telegram Premium features

  1. Now, with the extra payment, you can can upload large files and media of up to 4GB in size, each.
  2. With unlimited cloud storage available, premium users get priority fastest possible speed for downloads.
  3. Double limits for everything including following up to 1,000 channels, creating up to 20 chat folders with 200 chats each, adding a fourth account, pinning 10 chats, and saving up to 10 favorite stickers.
  4. Voice-to-text feature that converts voice messages to text.
  5. Premium users can send full-screen animation stickers to all users, and it will have monthly updates.
  6. 10 new emojis to react to messages.
  7. New chat management tools like changing default chat folder. Also, there is a new setting in Privacy and Security that lets paying users archive and mute new chats.
  8. Profile pictures animation which lets others see your profile as looping videos whether in chats or chat lists.
  9. Premium badges for subscribers which appears in the chat list, chat headers, and member lists in groups.
  10. Exclusive new app icons and no ads, even in countries where sponsored messages show for other users.

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Besides the features listed above, all users will get improvements like verification badges in chats, request to join public groups, better bots, improved chat previews on Android, auto save gallery to Android, improved external sharing on iOS, and more.

Perusing the features that the chat platform is offering for premium sub, it is understandable that its asking price is not above $5/month. No many would be willing to pay more for most of the features listed here. However, as the company explains, it is doing all this to keep the power in the hands of users.

In a Thank You note, Telegram adds:

“Today is an important day in the history of Telegram – marking not only a new milestone, but also the beginning of Telegram’s sustainable monetization. We believe that Telegram’s development should be driven primarily by its users, not advertisers. This way our users will always remain our main priority.”

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