You are currently viewing TECNO And Infinix Lead Nigeria’s Smartphone Market Sales Chart In April 2020

TECNO And Infinix Lead Nigeria’s Smartphone Market Sales Chart In April 2020

Two of Nigeria’s most popular smartphone companies, TECNO and Infinix, maintain their lead at the top of the sales chart after Q1 2020. However, while many phones saw a dip in their share of the smartphone market in the last month of the quarter, Samsung and Apple witnessed a slight increase.


According to statistics provided by Stat Counter, Eight named smartphone companies have the largest share of Nigeria’s market. Other phone brands share about 8.24% of what is left.


Since April 2020, TECNO had led the listing with its affordable budget devices. In January 2020, its market share had been at 23.88% but by the end of the year’s first quarter in April, it had risen to 25.53%. While this is impressive, the value had dropped from the 26.67% it held in March.


In second place is Infinix, which has always played second fiddle to TECNO for a long time. It ended Q1 2020 with a market share of 20.5%. This was also lesser than its share in March which was at 21.54%.


Samsung finished the quarter with 14.41%, a slight increase from its 14.15% portion in the previous month. Apple in fourth place, below Samsung, had a share of 9.17% out of Nigeria’s smartphone market.

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TECNO And Infinix Lead Nigeria’s Smartphone Market Sales Chart In April 2020
Nigeria’s smartphone market statistics. Photo: Stat Counter.


Nokia that had finished 2019 with nearly 5% of the market under its belt dropped to about 3.31% by the end of April 2020. The company has been steadily losing its share of the market and comparing this figure to its 6.36% share in April 2019, shows that it is doing very poorly.


Huawei has continued its slow but steady rise in claiming larger portions of Nigeria’s smartphone market. It had gone from holding down about 2% of the market in April 2019 to having a 3.31% share a year later.


Gionee is also fast losing its share of the Nigerian smartphone market. Stats show that it only has a 1.67% share as of April 2020. BBK phones (Realme, Oppo, Vivo and OnePlus) are struggling to retain their market share in Nigeria as well. It seems its recent high-end phone adventure is costing it in the country. It had only 0.35% of Nigeria’s smartphone market by the end of Q1 2020; this is lesser than the over 1% share it had a year ago.


As already stated, other unnamed smartphone brands share the remaining 8.24% of Nigeria’s smartphone market. It is impressive that Apple and Samsung continue to stay in the conversation despite having more high-end and expensive smartphones than the others.


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