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Technology Accessing Women Cycles

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There are a number of apps that can help women track their menstrual cycles and ovulation. Some inform women of their safe periods and when their periods are approaching. The accuracy of these apps are of course not 100% guaranteed, but they get the job done. These apps work in amazing ways to help women know when and if they are pregnant. Some of them can even share the data with your doctor or friends.


Some people use apps like the Ovia app to record their progress while trying to conceive and their first pregnancies and how the changed in their bodies start to occur. They go as far as recording the days they have s*x and what their fluids look like. This, in itself, is a major breakthrough from what was in operation many years ago. People no longer need to tick days off in their calendars or meet with medical experts before they can determine crucial details about their bodies.


Menstrual Cycle


The female body is, no doubt, a masterpiece. It is one of the most complex anatomies of any species of living creatures. Every day sees scientists and researchers try to understand it. However, some people have a problem with uploading personal information about their babies on these apps.


Apps tracking cycles for women

The fertility apps put their range in complexity too. Some are just basic period trackers that help women record body temperature, fertility treatments and periods. Women get these apps for a range of reasons. Some are just trying to avoid getting pregnant while staying sexually active. Others are actively trying to have children. The rest just use it to track their periods and ovulation so they know when to plan their holidays and big events.


An app called Glow (available on Android and iOS), for example, is a menstrual and ovulation calculator. It also has a basal body temperature (BBT) chart that records mood, symptoms, medications, s*x and period dates. Furthermore, it provides support for women who undergo fertility treatments like artificial insemination. The health log lets users record weight, stress level, exercise, emotions and much more.

Fertility Apps

Another app similar to it, Clue, uses an algorithm to calculate and predict a woman’s menstrual cycle. Users can also record cervical fluid data, s****l activities, mood and other personal notes. There is also a visual data cycle on the app that shows a fertile window for women planning to get pregnant.


Meanwhile, there is an app approved by the Food and Drug Administration in American as a method of contraception. The app, Natural Cycles, uses a woman’s body temperature and other information to determine when a user is most likely to get pregnant. It has been proven to be about 93% effective for the average woman.


Privacy is still an issue with these apps nonetheless as companies can use these personal data to target ads for women. They can target ads for contraceptives and female condoms at women through the apps. They can be very unsolicited, annoying and can be considered a security breach.

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