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Tech Thursday Throwback: The First Instagram Photos Ever Posted

Tech throwback on the first photo posted on Instagram and other important landmark information about the social media platform as well. Since throwbacks are usually good memory aids, we give you details about the famous media sharing platform.


As expected, the first photo ever posted on Instagram was taken by its co-founder, Mike Krieger. Krieger posted a photo of South Beach Harbor at Pier 38 on 16th July 2010.  However, before now, many had taken it that Kevin Systrom — the other co-founder — had been the first to post a photo on Instagram.


 Instagram first photo
Mike Krieger posts Instagram first photo


The confusion was cleared up as the founders agreed that Krieger’s post came first.


Systrom posted his own as well, on the same day. He had taken the picture of a dog and his girlfriend’s foot in Mexico near a taco stand and posted it hours after Krieger’s own.

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First Instagram photos
Kevin Systrom posts Instagram second photo.


Systrom had later said five years after posting the picture:


“Had I known it would have been the first photo posted on Instagram as it is today, I think I would have tried a little harder.”


Kevin Systrom had written and launched Instagram in October 2010 along with Mike Krieger. At that time, the app had only been compatible with iOS devices. But 10 more years down the line now, it is compatible with Android devices, Fire OS and Windows 10.


In just a matter of months, users started trooping into the Instagram fold. In two months, it had one million users and by the time it was a year old, it had 10 million users. Facebook bought Instagram in 2012 for $1 billion.


Juventus star footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo became the first Instagram user to cross the 200 million followers’ mark. He is also currently the most followed person on the platform.


While we could not find the first video posted on Instagram, the video-sharing feature had been added on 20th June 2013. Popstar, Justin Beiber was the first Instagram user to get a million likes on an Instagram video. He had posted it on the day the feature became available.


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