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Tech Quiz Time! Test Your Knowledge With These Questions

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It is time for our tech quiz, test your knowledge with the questions we have arranged. It will only take a few minutes of your time (if you know the answers).
Be the first to answer all these questions correctly and win N1,000 worth of any airtime of your choice.


1. What is the Nationality (country of Birth) of Elon Musk?

A. Canada
B. U.S.A
C. Russia
D. South Africa

2. Which of these companies collaborated with MTN to do a 5G test in Nigeria recently?

A. Apple
B. Samsung
C. Huawei
D. Motorola

3. Who Founded Apple Computers?

A. Charles Babbage
B. Stephen Fry
C. Philip Emeagwali
D. Steve Jobs


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4. What Does www stand for?

A. wild wild west
B. world women wresting
C. world wide web
D. world word web

5. Which of this isn’t made by Apple?

A. Imax
B. iPod
C. iPhone
D. Ipad

 6. Who is the founder of Microsoft?

A. Till Gates
B. Sir Richarch Branson
C. Bill Gates
D. Marvin Gaye

7. Who invented the bitcoin?

A. Matachi
B. Satochi
C. Satoshi
D. Satachi

8. What is the full meaning of AR?

A. Air Rays
B. Augmented Reality
C. Argument Realities
D. Argumental Reasoning

9. The Technology Introduced to help referees in football is referred to as?


10. What Phone is described as iPhones first professional camera?

A. iPhone x
B. iPhone 11 pro
C. iPhone Xmax
D. iPhone 8+


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