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Tech Office Precautions That You Should Have In Mind

It is important that you remember these office precautions. They may seem basic (they are basic) but can save you a lot and keep you in good health. Precautions are in place to prevent rather than solve problems.


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Office accidents are more commonplace than you think. It is even easier to take them for granted when it has never happened to you.


But this is not all. As a tech worker, you are likely a target of hackers. They may target you to gain entry into the company’s data or your own personal finances. Hence, ensure you are following these safeguards.

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  • Keep floors dry at all times to prevent slipping, you can have a mop around so anyone who notices a wet surface can dry it.
  • Office floors are most times covered with tiles, even when dry do not run in the office.
  • Building rules are put in place to ensure general safety, follow each of them.
  • Dry your hands before using electrical appliances, this does not only include water as sweat too can put you in danger of shock.
  • Don’t ‘manage’ damaged sockets, get them replaced before using them.
  • When carrying things, ensure you can see directly in front of you.
  • If you receive emails from unspecified senders, don’t open them. They may be from hackers trying to compromise your computer security.
  • Avoid doing personal transactions on the office network. You do not know who is monitoring sites accessed and passwords.
  • If your job description means you use a computer a lot, take breaks between staring at the screen.
  • Rest at home if you feel sick and avoid placing yourself in medical emergencies.


You can always take further steps to stay safe. But if you keep all the above office precautions in mind, you get to avoid most of the common workplace injuries.


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