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Tech Career Choices That Are Considered The Next Big Thing

Tech careers are important and we should talk about it more often. Here are some that you could consider or advise someone else to look into.


It is almost the end of 2019, and you are still bent on forcing your ward to be a doctor? A lawyer? A pilot? In 2020, the world will likely laugh at your ideology. Which is not wrong in itself. Being a doctor is still one of the best-paying jobs and quite fulfilling. I mean, saving lives around the clock must be a joyful thing to do. Same with flying airplanes (maybe not as well paid as a doctor, but still good).


Being a lawyer? Well, let us just agree that it takes hustling and dedication and grit as well. Where are we headed with this? The world is moving. Faster than the internet connection you are using to read this. Faster than a supersonic jet (speed is really relative). Jobs have taken a new direction. It is all about technology now. Algorithms are being developed to take over from humans.


Yes, in the long run, humans can never be totally eradicated. But, to some extent, bots are already doing what humans thought they only they could do. Health-based tech companies are trying to develop robot powered treatments. To meet up, here are some careers you should be looking out for.

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Network Analysts

A network analyst is an engineer who installs, layout and maintains the network components. New companies require their services to plan, design, and give technical support. Also, they make data communications work and work closely with the IT team to design the company’s network. Advanced plans are considered for expansion and growth.


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Network Technicians

Almost like the analysts, but different, technicians are responsible for troubleshooting computer networks. This allows them to be proactive and solve many issues before they arise. They are an integral part of modern companies. Both Softwares and hardware are under their “jurisdiction”.


Software Development Manager

A software development manager is in charge of the software team. The design software for tech, medical, finance, and even agro-based companies. In fact, whatever software is needed, a software development manager is your go-to person. The manager is in charge of hiring and training staff as well as managing them.


Software Architect

This is also almost the same as a software developer. But the difference is that in the case of the “ordinary” developer, the company spells out what they want. However, the software architect investigates what the company needs and gives the standard. They literally have to spell out what should be done or advise on it.


Data Architect

Anyone in this field will have to be an expert in data management. He or she controls what happens to the data of a company. Responsibilities generally involve designing, creating, and deploying the data.


The list above is in no way exhaustive but gives a sense of what we predict is to come. All of these are also not exactly mutually exclusive careers and one can choose to pursue more than one. Of course, an interest in computing is necessary to make something in any of the fields.


Studying computer-related courses at the university is important but will not be enough. It has never been. If you are really interested in pursuing any course mentioned above, further reading, internet research, and regular practice are important.


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