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Tech Award Handed To Inventors Of STD Sensitive Condoms

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The announcement that great s*x is safe s*x will never run out of fashion. The idea that innovation can influence the way people have s*x is one that isn’t farfetched. It was an interesting leap in the technological announcement when the colour changing condoms were invented. Even consent condoms came about at some point. Now imagine if condoms could detect an STD!


Three British teenagers proposed an idea for a new type of condom. The unique feature of these condoms is that they can detect s*xually transmitted diseases among their intimate partners. The idea of the condom is that it will change colour when it comes in contact with an STD during intercourse.


Apparently, there will be antibodies on the outer part of the condom that will interact with antigens of STDs. This will cause the condoms to change colour depending on the disease. If the condom is exposed to herpes, for example, it could turn green. However, if it was another infection like chlamydia, it could turn blue, and so it goes. It has different colours depending on the disease.


The proposal subsequently won the top prize in the UK TeenTech Awards. The teenagers, who are between 13 and 14 years old, have also been approached by condom companies for collaboration.


Some basic issues

The idea can apparently use some refining as there are still some loopholes. For instance, it is not clear if the STI will just be detected in only the partner using the condom or in both parties. There is also the question of what happens when the couple find out their partner has an STD. It makes for a very awkward post-copulation experience.


Another concern is how the condoms are going to make the findings in time for them to do something about it. Will they make the discovery after the s*xual escapade?


However, the idea is really brilliant and impressive, especially coming from teenagers with raging hormones. They seem to care about having safe s*x, and that is some progress.

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