You are currently viewing Guide to pre-order Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 and Flip4 now in Nigeria
Guide to pre-order Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 and Flip4 now in Nigeria

Guide to pre-order Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 and Flip4 now in Nigeria

You can now pre-order Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 and Flip4 in Nigeria from TD Africa’s Tech Experience Centre (TEC). Part of the requirements is an initial deposit of NGN200,000 made before August 24.

In addition to getting the premium-spec smartphones as soon as they enter the market, TEC is also offering some add-ons. If you pre-order the Galaxy Z Fold4, you will get the following:

– 25W Travel adapter
– Bluetooth keyboard
– Samsung Loyalty Card
– Standing Cover with S Pen
– Samsung Care+

Meanwhile, pre-ordering the Galaxy Z Flip4 will give you these benefits:

– 25W Travel adapter
– 3 Skin films
– Samsung Loyalty Card
– Clear slim cover
– Samsung Care+

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To pre-order any of the Samsung Galaxy devices, follow this link. For now, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is available in Gold, Grey, Light Blue, and Purple, and the Fold 4 is available in Beige, Black, and Green.

Samsung will officially start selling the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Fold 4 on August 26. You can be certain that the entire supply would be snatched up as soon as sales go live on some online shopping destinations.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 costs NGN669,000 ($1,059) and the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 costs NGN1,129,000 ($1,599) for the 256B variant and NGN1,209,000 ($1,799) for the 512GB variant.

Contact 09040788014 for the best tech deals at TEC today.

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