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TD Africa Partners Global Brands To Launch Cutting-Edge Technology Experience Centre In Lagos

Sub-Saharan Africa’s biggest distributors, Technology Distributions Limited (TD Africa) is set to unveil a revolutionary, state-of-the-art tech experience centre in the heart of Victoria Island, Lagos. The tech experience centre is indeed a tech connoisseur’s delight. Designed to usher every visitor that walks through its doors into a world-class, tech-infused ambience; the experience centre is equipped with cutting-edge technologies and smart gadgets to rival the best in Silicon Valley.


Equally important, the experience centre will be formally launched in April 2020.


As a matter of fact, the world class structure is the first of its kind on this side of the Atlantic. In addition, it fills a void that has long existed in Nigeria’s burgeoning ICT industry. The revolutionary experience centre will serve as a fitting melting pot for the players in the Nigerian tech industry. Specifically, the centre will meet the yearnings of various stakeholders in the ecosystem: tech brands, resellers, users, consumers, developers and industry regulators, among others.


Most importantly, the facility will offer many a hands-on, first hand experience of the latest tech devices/gadgets as well as the new and emerging technologies shaping the rapidly-evolving industry.


Global tech giants, many of whom have found expression in Nigeria, Africa’s biggest market, will also find the facility a fitting resource centre and platform to showcase their latest inventions and solutions.


What to expect …

In a written statement shared with its partners, TD Africa affirms that the centre will go a long way in addressing the technology needs of the region. Further, the experience centre will significantly lower the necessity of travelling outside the country to get acquainted with the industry’s latest technologies.


The correspondence reads in part:


“The centre will offer various leading brands the opportunity to showcase state-of-the-art technologies with an emphasis on Focused Solutions addressing the technology needs of the region.”


The Technology Experience Centre boasts a high-end smart kitchen powered by Bosch. Also, it is equipped with a state-of-the-art mobile display stand that will kick off featuring mobile phones/devices from Samsung, Nokia, and Apple.


TD Technology Experience Centre

Mobile display stands at the TD Technology Experience Centre

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There is also a coffee shop outside the building to keep cups filled and energy levels high. Also occupying a prominent position is a finely-tuned revolutionary work-space fitted with ergonomic furniture and work tools.


TD Technology Experience Centre

Workspace at the TD Technology Experience Centre


For presentations, the centre delivers an executive briefing room. This section would also be used to showcase Microsoft’s productivity tools. It can serve as a conference room as well, depending on the need.


TD Technology Experience Centre

Presentation room at the TD Technology Experience Centre


Additionally, the Management of TD Africa has disclosed plans to add a top floor section to the centre. The additional floor will cater to consumer electronics experience for such concepts as smart homes.

Renowned brands already on board

Meanwhile, a number of globally renowned technology giants have already identified with the project. Among the brands on board are Cisco, Dell EMC, Microsoft, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Bosch, Nokia, Apple, Philips  and others.



Here is a look at what the Technology Experience Centre holds:



Schools and other institutions can also host excursions and programmes at the location. This will provide a first-hand experience of the latest trends in tech.


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