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TD Africa, Microsoft Partner To Empower Schools With Virtual Learning Solution

Sub-Saharan Africa’s foremost distribution company, TD Africa and renowned tech giant, Microsoft have partnered to roll out a virtual learning solution which will enable schools carry on their teaching activities, even as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on.


Equally important, the solution is tailored to meet the local needs of educational institutions in Nigeria and beyond.


Indeed, the coronavirus pandemic has brought with it an unprecedented number of challenges. Besides the economic strain borne by governments and businesses the world over; the pandemic has also put formal classroom learning on hold due to the ban on schools.


While schools in the Western world may have been able to switch to online classes immediately after the ban; their counterparts in developing countries, stunted by poor access to infrastructure, have faced bigger obstacles confronting the challenge. However, TD Africa has come up with a revolutionary solution.


Specifically, the aim of this virtual learning solution is to ensure that; every school in Nigeria is able to carry on core educational activities online. This is important as there is no fixed date for when schools will resume.


Consequently, from primary to secondary schools and universities; TD Africa and Microsoft are keen to ensure that pupils and students in this part of the world are not left out.


An indispensable partner on the project is Microsoft, whose status as the engine driving more than one billion computers in the world, will further aid seamless hardware-software compatibility. Additionally, the software to be deployed –  Microsoft Teams for Education –  is compatible with all systems powered by Microsoft. Microsoft Teams is also available on mobile devices through Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS devices.


TD Africa says virtual learning solution will bridge gap


As a matter of fact, Oyebode further throws more light on this.


“Microsoft Teams for Education provides a platform for student-teacher interaction. It is a digital hub that brings conversations, meetings, files and apps together; in a single experience in Office 365 for Education.


“With MS Teams, teachers can move quickly and easily from conversations to content creation with context, continuity, and transparency.”


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TD Africa Microsoft virtual learning
Shade Oyebode, MD Operations, TD Africa.


Also, parents have the added privilege of monitoring their children’s progress at any time and anywhere.


There are also licenses that allow students and teachers to work offline and update their work when connected to the internet.


To ease the economic burden on schools; TD Africa has also made available some of the essential tools required in deploying the solution at highly subsidized rates. Oyebode affirms that the tech firm sees this as its corporate social responsibility.


She adds:


“We want to ensure our children continue to learn while at home.”


Some of these subsidized virtual learning solutions that TD Africa brings are:

Free and Subscription licenses: Schools who may not have the financial strength to purchase a license can use them for free. The free license is referred to as A1 and the subscription version is called A3. In addition, some schools can get a blend of the two.


Hardware ( laptops & Tablets): The hardware tools needed to run the software are available for purchase at highly subsidized rates.


Content (curriculum through Classera): Since some schools may not have a software version of their curriculum; the virtual learning solution provides Classera for free for the first academic session. Classera, an international e-learning system, will allow students to measure up to the international learning standard.


In conclusion, Oyebode disclosed that the “deployment cost is not fixed”. Further, she revealed that the company will consider the size and strength of schools before deciding this.


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