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Take This Simple Quiz To Know Your Skin Type

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If asked about your skin type, how best can you answer that question? Of course, it could come off as easy for you to do this because identifying either oily or dry skin can be easy.

There are five different skin types, each with varying characteristics: oily, dry, combination, sensitive, and normal. They require special attention. Knowing your skin type would help you understand how best to treat whatever skin condition you’re dealing with.

The result of proper skin diagnosis and care would be a healthy-looking, smooth and clear skin free from skin irritation, acne breakouts and other skin irregularities. It helps you refine your skin care routine and redirect your attention to the right product for you, making it more effective.

Simple skin type test

Debra Jaliman, a New York City-based dermatologist, shared simple ways to test your skin type without taking a trip to the dermatologist. She calls it “The Pat Test”. According to her, you should gently wash your face and pat it dry. If it feels tight within 45 minutes to an hour, then you probably have dry skin. On the contrary, if your skin feels oily after washing your face, then you’re in the oily skin crew. Finally, if your skin remains oily only in the T-zone, then you’ve got combination skin.

Based on this, take this quiz to help identify your skin type.

QUIZ: What is my skin type?

Some people are aware of the signs of identification. If the face is always shiny, then it must be oily. The skin type you have is usually due to genetic predisposition but it can still be managed however we desire. Since your skin contains the oil-producing sebaceous gland, you could be classified amongst those whose glands are more active, resulting in your oily skin type.

In addition, if the face is flaky, then it must be dry. If there are breakouts and dark patches, then it must be a sensitive skin type. If your skin is oily in the T-zone (nose, forehead and chin) and dry in the cheeks, then you have combination skin. If it’s flawless, then it must be normal.

Choose the answers to the questions below which best suits you, and check the results at the end.

1. When I wake up in the morning, my skin feels…

A. Dry and tight
B. Oily already
C. Oily in some spots and dry in others
D. Puffy
E. Good, as usual

2. By noon, my skin looks…

A. Even drier than before I put moisturiser on
B. My foundation performed a disappearing act
C. Oily in some spots
D. Flushed and splotchy
E. Intact

3. I can’t go to bed without first…

A. Lathering on a rich night cream or oil
B. Using a clarifying cleanser
C. Exfoliating
D. Removing my makeup
E. Slipping on an eye mask

4. My skincare MVP is my…

A. Coconut oil
B. Oil blotter
C. Facial brush
D. Toner
E. Sunscreen

5. My biggest concern is…

A. Patches of flaky skin
B. It’s a tie between shiny skin and large pores
C. Just the large pores
D. The fact that anything new triggers a breakout — no matter how mild a product is
E. The (very) occasional blemish

6. The makeup I use on the daily is…

A. Cream foundation
B. Long-wear foundation
C. Mattifying foundation
D. Paraben and sulfate-free products
E. Tinted moisturiser

MOSTLY A’s: Dry Skin

MOSTLY B’s: Oily Skin

MOSTLY C’s: Combination Skin

MOSTLY D’s: Sensitive Skin

MOSTLY E`s: Normal Skin

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