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Take A Look At These New WhatsApp Features

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WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging apps in the world. It has improved its user experience over the years by constantly introducing new features. With over 1.5 billion monthly active users, the app is constantly looking for ways to stay on the top of the game.

Recently, the Facebook Incorporation-owned app introduced including face ID and fingerprint features for iPhone users. Your chats can now stay safe even when someone, somehow, breaches your phone’s security. However, some glitches have been experienced with this which, hopefully, the app will address upon a new update.

Mark Zuckerberg also recently asserted his belief that the future of social networking is private messaging. It is no wonder that the company is putting in so much into keeping WhatsApp at the top of the instant messaging game.

Here are a few of the other new changes WhatsApp is introducing:

Video Preview

With the new WhatsApp update, you will be able to preview a video right from where the notification pops up. You will be able to view a video sent to you without going on the app but directly from the push notification itself.

Dark mode

Twitter, one of the few social media apps not owned by Facebook, introduced the dark mode feature and it quickly became popular among users. Unlike Twitter’s dark mode, this new update on WhatsApp will dim the interface when used at night. It will also save your phone’s battery life.

Voice message play

When your friend has that juicy story that won’t fit into one voice note, WhatsApp’s new feature will let it play on without any break. You won’t need to go back to press play on the next voice note when one voice message finished; it will automatically play the next voice message.

Contacts list

The new update will also rank contacts based on the frequency of interaction done recently. You will be able to see your favourite contacts on the top of the list of your WhatsApp contacts.

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