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Take A Look At The Top Games Released In March 2019

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It’s a great week for video game enthusiasts. This past week a set of new games are released, and we have decided to give you a sneak peek into what they are like.

There is a lot in store for gamers with the launch of new, intriguing games. Check them out below:

The Occupation

Available from March 5 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and WinPC, this one is set in 1980s northwest England. You get only four hours to uncover the truth behind a controversial new law.

Devil May Cry 5

This game was released on March 8 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC. In the game, a mysterious new character joins Dante and Nero to defeat the hordes of hell using two halves of a custom motorbike, swords, guns and gauntlets.

Scorcher by Radian games

This one was made available to iOS devices from March 7. The release date for Android will be announced later in the month. Survive for as long as you can, burning through infinite canyons populated by sand sharks and sandworms.

Audica (Early Access)

Available from March 7 for Oculus Rift and Steam VR on Windows PC, you can become a phaser-wielding human drum machine in this virtual reality shooter game.

Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn

Available from March 8 for Nintendo 3DS and 2DS, the game is not available in the most recent Nintendo Switch. You get to eat a tornado and become the hero of Patch Land. This is a remaster of 2010 Nintendo Wii’s release Kirby’s Epic Yarn.

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