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Taiwan’s TSMC Stock Rises Adding $34 Billion Market Value As Rival, Intel, Stumbles

As of Friday 24th July 2020, TSMC saw its stock rise by almost 10% in the market and since then, it has added $34 billion in market value edging out its biggest rival, Intel.


This comes as no surprise because Intel had just announced having manufacturing trouble. The chip company had said that it would be delaying its 7nm-based processors until 2023.


Thus, leaving the PC and server microprocessors market wide open to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC). This made the Taiwan company’s stock increase to $14.48, a record-high for it.


Additionally, in reporting the lapse in the production of its 7-nanometer chips, Intel had mentioned a ‘contingency plan’. Which is, contracting out production to other companies.

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However, it did not name which company will benefit from this, but analysts and experts in the field are naming TSMC as the likely beneficiary. This is because the Taiwan chip maker is a foundry as well and it makes chips for many popular tech firms like Apple.


There is also the fact that TSMC has long-time experience in making 7nm-based processors. Samsung Electronics is also a likely candidate as well. It has a foundry arm and has also been making 7nm-based processors for a while now.


Whatever the outcome, Intel’s stumble may mean that it will give up its top spot as the biggest semiconductor manufacturer by the end of the year.


Meanwhile, as Intel is still struggling to make a shift from its regular 14nm chips to 7nm chips, its rivals are already shifting focus to even smaller nanometers.


According to a report from NIKKEI; Samsung Electronics and TSMC are already making progress in 5nm-based chips and the latter is even already mass-producing it.


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