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Taaooma Marks 1st Wedding Anniversary With Husband

Popular Nigerian skit maker Apaokagi Maryam aka Taaooma has revealed that she has married her fiancee Abdulaziz Oladimeji better known as Abula.

Skit maker Taaooma Reveals Marital Status 1st Wedding Anniversary With Husband
Taaooma and her husband Abula

While social media users knew that the duo was engaged, Taaooma took to her Instagram page to celebrate her first wedding anniversary with her husband.

“One year down, forever to go mi amor ❤️. Happy wedding anniversary” she captioned the video that featured loved up moments with Abula.

She has also added “Greene” to her Instagram bio


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In a 2021 interview Pulse TV Abula said that at some point, he had to drop everything and help his partner reach stardom.  He also said he doesn’t feel insecure about her fame. Rather, he supported her fully to achieve her dreams.

Insecure? No! That has always been what I wanted for her. There was a point in my life where I dropped everything and focused on Taaooma. I think this was late in 2018. She didn’t grow up in Nigeria and so coming back to Nigeria to study was a bit hard for her. People didn’t really understand her. She was mostly on her own because her mentality was different,” he said.

She wanted to be popular, she always told me ‘Dimeji when is something going to happen?’ I always told her to calm down that her time will come. So when the time came in 2018, I dropped every other thing and focused on Taaooma. And in less than three months viola!”

The couple met during Abula’s NYSC year in Ilorin, Kwara state, and were drawn to each other by their love for filming and editing.

They announced their engagement in November 2020, sharing a cute video of their proposal which took place in Namibia where Taaooma grew up.


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