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Eight Survival Tips For Those Flat Broke Days

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If you have never had a broke day, then you must be in the old or new money league. However, for the rest of the pack who have at some point been flat broke, shift let us join you. Most people have a broke day(s) story and have come through either scarred or untainted. For the former, they had no clue what to do. While for the latter, they have the survival kit ready and handy for scaling through.



Those days of drought can be so annoying as it makes life seem more miserable. It is at that point that you believe life revolves around money. Everything just seems to cost something and, when you can’t afford it, you get closer to a breakdown. Too dramatic for you? Well, there’s certainly a ‘not so good’ feeling you get when you can’t scrape two coins together.


Does this sound familiar?

  • “I’m not hungry.”
  • “I’m not in the mood to go out.”


There are more excuses where that came from. This is usually a way of side-stepping any chances to spend money you don’t have. Rather than saying, ‘I don’t have cash’, you’d rather give excuses, especially when the receiver isn’t an ‘I can be your donor’ friend.


Who says you can’t give excuses anyway? You’re broke, so there has to be some way to get out of spending what you don’t have. However, there are other ways you can survive the drought days. There are several hacks to saving face and saving some cash in the process. Beware! You may be called stingy, but who cares. You’re broke, and it’s a game of survival of the smartest! Follow these survival tips to help scale through those flat broke days.


Survival tips for those flat broke days

no more broke days


Be honest with your situation and stop denying it. Honey, “You’re broke!” Now that’s on the table, you should know that it’s not permanent. You will scale through eventually, so don’t feel anyway bad about it. Now, follow these few tips and be on your jolly way to a financially stable life.


1. Check your bank statement

There’s nothing more dreadful than when you check your bank statement. You remember the good old days. So, then why am I tormenting you? I’m not! You just really need to evaluate your spending habit. Where does the bulk of your money go? How often do you withdraw? Taking note of these things would help you a long way when you get your next paycheck.


2. Adjust your variable spending

If it’s not rent, school fees or any fixed expense that’s important, then adjust, please. By adjusting, I mean ‘stop it’. Cut off little things like eating out, shopping unnecessarily, buying random things, going to the spa and going to shows. You need to strike a balance in your spending habit, so adjust accordingly.


3. Begin a saving goal

If you have a reason to save, you’ll have less reason to spend. Begin a short or long term saving goal (like your Masters or rent). This would help you cut down on variable spending.



4. Look out for the ‘awoofs’

Discounts are everywhere! A “buy one and get one free” promo is perfect if you must shop. Even if these things are marketing strategies for the brands, you too can get something out of it. Getting yourself a treat should be a feel-good experience if you must indulge.


5. Monthly subscription traps

They are truly traps to your pocket. How many do you need anyway? Cut down on some subscriptions like NetFlix, a gym membership, online magazines, Mubi and HBOGo accounts.


6. Be the host

If you need to hang out with your friends, then you should be the host. This would save you on transportation, and also the idea of spending on some luxurious restaurant. You can ask them to come with “something light” while you entertain them with a film or ear-itching gist.


7. Make extra cash

There are a lot of dignified ways you can make money these days. Even by going back to the days of babysitting or cooking for people, you can earn a bit extra. Also, do odd jobs around the house or your neighbourhood. Or simply go online and check for sites looking for writers, cooks, or whatever it is you know how to do. Even if you’re not a pro, you can start somewhere.


8. Spill the beans

The best way is to say it as it is. Tell a family or friend that you’re broke. If they help you out then that’s amazing, if not then no wahala (problem), wait it out for a better day. When you opt out of outing offers, at least they would know why anyway. So, own up and let whatever comes after that take its toll.

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