You are currently viewing Survey shows that 67% of women in tech in Europe feel under-paid

Survey shows that 67% of women in tech in Europe feel under-paid

— Survey shows that 67% of women in tech in Europe feel under-paid
— 70% of women in the study feel the need to work harder to prove themselves
— The figures from the study are worse than those from a similar one conducted in 2019.

A survey by the International Labour Organization (ILO) showed that despite efforts, the gender pay gap still exists. The results, published on International Equal Pay Day, revealed that women all over the world were paid 20% lesser than their main counterparts.

Meanwhile, Black women made 63% less than white men and it was 57.3% when white men’s pay was measured against Hispanic or Latina women.

In the tech industry, where you’d expect the gap to be lesser, the survey showed that women did not feel that way. About 67% of women felt that they earned lesser than their male colleagues. The figure showed that more and more women were feeling that they were not getting enough compensation for their work in tech, for example, in 2019, only 54% of women felt that way.

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Besides the pay, women also complained of facing sexist behaviour at work. Nearly 62% of them felt that they were pressured to choose between their career and family, while 70% feel that they need to work harder to prove their worth because of their gender.

When it comes to confidence, however, 92% of women felt that they were capable of doing their job well. So, the need to go out of their way to prove themselves was because of how they believe others see them.

The silver lining is that more women are feeling the impact of efforts to fight gender inequality and pay gap, at least 53% of women said that their company was doing something about that. Yet, ovrall, only 24% felt that there the gender ratio in tech was approaching a more balanced situation.

In addition, a report by European Women in VC showed that in 2021, only 2% of all the funding that year went to all-female startups. The figure was lesser than the 3% the previous.

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