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Sugabelly Trends On Twitter Over Comments About Broke Parents

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The name Sugabelly trended on Twitter yesterday over one of her controversial comments. The Nigerian blogger, named Lotanna Igwe Odunze, wrote a tweet concerning people who are broke making babies.


A Twitter user sent her a DM asking her for financial assistance to the sum of ₦50,000. However, she raised the question, asking if couples who cannot boast of ₦50,000 should be having babies in the first place.



See her tweet below:


Her tweet then elicited a lot of comments from Twitter users. Some of them supported her, stating that broke people had no business making babies. Others stated that it was very insensitive of her to come to social media to talk about such a topic.





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This will not be the first time Sugabelly will be roped in social media controversy. Last month she went viral with her tweet stating that  Edochie is a bad actor.


Also speaking on Twitter, Sugabelly said:

“Pete Edochie is a really bad actor. He’s been playing the same role his entire life. Acting isn’t quoting proverbs. But Nigerians live and die by seniority, so the older he gets, the less anybody is able to point this glaring elephant in the room out.”


Do you support Sugabelly’s tweet or you feel she was insensitive to the plight of a Nigerian that needed ₦50,000 in a crucial situation?


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