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Subscription Model Survey Reveals How Twitter Usage Will Change Soon

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Twitter recently confirmed that it is exploring the idea of a paid subscription model to help it generate more income amid dwindling ads revenue. Now, the social media company is surveying users about potential features that could distinguish a prospective paid service, according to tech reporter, Andrew Roth’s Tweets.


Roth posted a thread showing a series of features that Twitter is considering as part of the subscription option.


They include an option to quickly undo tweets immediately after sending them. There’s also the option to post longer and higher-resolution videos.


The survey asked selected users to choose the most and least important of the potential options.


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The survey explores custom colours for the Twitter app and website, more advanced analytics and custom stickers, and hashtags.


Twitter also suggests that canned responses and job recruiting features will be added. The canned responses will give users options to select from for faster replies and the job features will help post jobs and connect with potential recruits.


According to Roth’s thread, Twitter could introduce “User roles,” as part of the paid subscription. This would make it much easier for large organisations to grant access to company accounts with employees without directly sharing passwords. Twitter also proposes fewer or no ads at all for paying customers.


A portion of the survey asked the users how the service might change their perception of the microblogging site. Twitter also seemed concerned that the subscription model could tilt the conversations in favor of paid users.


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey had confirmed that the company was in the “very, very early phases of exploring” new monetisation options for the site. However, we are only just getting a peek of what the company might be offering as part of the service.


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