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Stylish Ways To Swag Up Your Hijab

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The Hijab is a very important part of a Muslim woman’s attire. It is a head covering worn in public by some Muslim women. Islam preaches that a woman covers her hair in public and, as such, the Hijab must be available to meet that need.


Gone are the days when wearing a Hijab didn’t look stylish. With recent fashion trends, a Muslim woman can look fashionable in a beautiful-looking Hijab.


Take a look at some stylish ways our Muslim readers can easily swag up their outfit in a Hijab.


1. Wear makeup

Simple Ways To Swag Up Your Hijab


You can swag up your Hijab look with some makeup. It doesn’t have to be excessive, just beautiful enough to make your face stand out in that attire with your hair covered. Always remember that less is more.


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2. Match it up with your outfit


Hijabs always go with outfits of the same colour. The uniformity of the outfit will make heads turn, so as to bring that confidence that says “I’m a Muslim that slays”.


If you are bored tying your Hijab a particular type of way, the video below will be helpful.



So whether its a Nikkah (Muslim wedding), Friday prayers or an outing, be a confident woman and show off your swag.


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