You are currently viewing “Stray Dog”- Georgina Onuoha Insults Yul Edochie Amid Apostle Suleman Scandal

“Stray Dog”- Georgina Onuoha Insults Yul Edochie Amid Apostle Suleman Scandal

Nollywood actress Georgina Onuoha has called out, Yul Edochie after saying any female celebrities accused of dating Apostle Suleman be dragged online.

"Stray Dog"- Georgina Onuoha Insults Yul Edochie Amid Apostle Suleman Scandal
Georgina Onuoha and Yul Edochie

He had mocked the celebrities that were accused of having a s*xual relationship with the popular pastor.

"Stray Dog"- Georgina Onuoha Insults Yul Edochie Amid Apostle Suleman Scandal
Apostle Suleman

Social media users knew that he was throwing shades at Georgina Onuoha who had earlier dragged him for saying that getting into a polygamous marriage brought him blessings.


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In her response, Onuoha advised Edochie to address her directly instead of beating around the bush.

“Hello, Yul @yuledochie Are you talking to me or about me? I will appreciate it if you address me directly and stop cutting corners. I called you out by your name. Darling, are you scared to name me? Poor you. Let me say it again. You were still a child when I made fame and will remain a child as I build an empire,” she wrote.

“I will spare you tonight out of respect for your father I adore. For your legitimate wife and grown kids and elder brothers. I will spare them the shame of your uncouth and unscrupulous behavior. @yuledochie unlike you, some of us named by a faceless coward hiding behind keyboards and slandering people; are decent people.”

Onuoha said unlike Edochie, she is not a stray dog who committed adultery.

“We are not stray dogs like you who couldn’t zip up his panties committing adultery and fathering a child out of wedlock. What a shame 😄. @yuledochie I never called you out about Whatsoever a faceless blogger @gistloversgram_media claiming to be King of fools wrote about you. I didn’t give a FvCk about it,” she added.

“Neither were you called out by anyone because you committed adultery, fathered a child in the process and married your mistress in hiding without shame. No, it is within your right to flaunt your little third leg as you wish. You owned up to your adultery and tried to justify it.”

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“Darling, I Georgina Onuoha called you out because of the insensitive careless remarks you were making about your first wife and comparing yourself to King David; hence I needed to educate you more on our culture and religion you were trying to use to justify your promiscuous life after betraying the wife of your youth who sponsored when you had nothing.”

She advised the movie star to grow up and cover his face in shame.

“@yuledochie you are a baby to me, hence I will advise you go get some common sense and decency because it is apparent you lack basic self-awareness. You should be covering your face in shame. I am still waiting for your so-called gistlover @gistloversgram_media to produce evidence to support his or her unfounded assumptions,” she added.

“Yul not everyone is a stray and a street dog. At this juncture, you need a leash around your mouth and medulla oblongata. It is apparent your medulla is not aligning. So once again, I dare you to call me by my name as I am calling your fuckry. What a petulant child seeking cheap fame.”

Just a few days ago, Georgina Onuoha denied allegations of being in an adulterous affair with Apostle Johnson Suleman.

This was after anonymous blogger Gistlover had alleged that a lot of top female celebrities were on the payroll of the controversial preacher.

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