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Strangers Be Gone: WhatsApp Now Hides Your Last Seen From Stalkers

Text messaging app WhatsApp now automatically hides your “last seen” from strangers or stalkers. This means that your visibility on WhatsApp is restricted from others you haven’t chatted with.

WhatsApp will hide 'Last Seen' status from unknown accounts - 9to5Mac

WhatsApp new update now sets your “last seen” visibility to only your contacts by default instead of “Everyone” initially. Users can still change this to allow people not in their contact to view their visibility.

This new safety feature will fend off strangers and stalkers from getting around your online presence and in some cases some mobile apps. The thing is some third party preying apps might be stealing your data and online presence metrics.

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Just recently WhatsApp made more security addition, as users can now set automatic deletion for new one-on-one chats. This service initially has an option to delete messages after seven days.

Presently, WhatsApp now allows users to delete messages after 24 hours or 90 days. The latest update by the messaging company now works with new chats. So when you turn on the disappear by default option, new contacts will be informed it is on.

You can also set the option for individual contacts, there is other information about this functionality on WhatsApp’s FAQ Page.

Well we know for a certain most people will be using this feature to keep their nosy relatives and bosses from preying on their online presence. Most mostly stalkers and strangers won’t be aware of their visibility.



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