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Stay Classy In January: Here’s How To Make A Ponytail By Yourself

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It’s is the second week of the year, and you are yet to make your first hairstyle in January, so why not try a ponytail?


Ponytails are super stylish and very easy to make. They are also very convenient. Also, ponytails are also very cheap to make. You can either use an old weave or get a relatively cheap one to fix your hair.


You can either choose to go to the hair salon to fix this particular hairstyle or do it at home.


Stay Classic In January- Here's How To Make A Ponytail All By Yourself


Fixing your ponytail by yourself is super easy and, with the right materials, you will look beautiful with one. All you need is a hairband, your styling gel, your thread and the weave.


Watch the video below to see how to fix your ponytail at home.


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So if your decision to cut cost this month because your resources are limited after you spent a lot during the Christmas holiday, bother yourself no more. Stick with your homemade ponytail and look classic for the rest of January.


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