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Standing Can Save Your Life! Here’s How

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It’s uncommon to find people standing in the work environment and in their home. This is as a result of the lifestyle spearheaded by the rapid technological advancement. The cars, mobile devices and laptops have made life easier, but people lazier.


People now stand less and sitting more, and no one is doing anything about it. The truth is, standing can actually save your life by increasing your lifespan.


You don’t need to work out at the gym to compensate for the long hours spent in a sedentary mode. On the contrary, doing this would be ineffective. Therefore, you need to establish a standing habit within the day and imbibe it into your daily routine.

benefits of standing

Benefits of standing

Just Stand shares several benefits of standing that can help improve your health. It is an organisation established in 2010 by Ergotron with the goal of driving social change and inspiring people to sit less and move more. They also aim to raise awareness about the negative effect of the sedentary lifestyle.


Take a look at some of the benefits of standing:


1. Supports bone health

Bones, like muscles, require regular movement to maintain strength. Low-level activity helps improve your bone health.


2. Enhances brain power

Standing delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the brain through improved blood flow.


3. Burns calories

When you’re moving, fat-burning enzymes stay activated. Your body burns far more calories when you’re standing than when you’re sitting. It can add up over time.


4. Reduces the risk of cancer

Studies have linked prolonged sitting to a greater risk for colon, b****t and endometrial cancers. Research suggests that regular movement boosts natural antioxidants that kill cell-damaging and potentially cancer-causing free radicals.


5. Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease

Reducing sedentary time is linked to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and death due to a heart attack.


6. Increases circulation

Blood circulation is crucial to good health. But sitting can impede blood flow, affecting every system of the body.


7. Supports diabetics

There is a significant correlation between excessive sitting and diabetes. As the rate of those affected with Type 2 diabetes continues to increase, breaking up sedentary time can aid in managing insulin levels and reducing that risk.


8. Reduces risk of early mortality

Research has found strong links between sedentary behaviour and a variety of serious health problems. These problems increase the risk of early mortality.


9. Increases energy

Standing is a simple but underrated remedy to increase alertness and receive a natural jolt of energy.

Standing can save your life

10. Increases the ability to focus and productivity

Standing on the job promotes a greater mental awareness. This leads to far greater productivity and improved concentration. Low-level movement can also reduce pain and discomfort, allowing people to focus better.


11. Supports heart health

Subtle movement – even standing – breaks up prolonged sitting and promotes higher HDL (“good” cholesterol) and lower LDL (“bad cholesterol”). This, in turn, can improve blood pressure and lower the risk of heart attack.


12. Boosts metabolism

Alternating between sitting and standing increases the enzymes needed to metabolise food.


13. Improves mood state

Moving the muscles pumps fresh blood and oxygen to the brain, which releases mood-enhancing chemicals.


14. Tones muscles

Standing enlists large muscle groups along with the vestibular system which controls balance. Unused, weak muscles leave your joints unstable and prone to injury and chronic pain.


15. Reduces risk of osteoporosis

People who are more active have a lower risk of osteoporosis than those who are more sedentary.


16. Aids in pain relief

Our bodies were made to stand, so maintaining the seated position is physically stressful. This, in turn, can cause body pain, herniated discs, damaged nerves, degenerated joints and dementia.


17. Improves posture

Standing with a proper posture puts the spine into a more naturally-aligned position.


18. Fights sitting disease

Standing more helps combat “Sitting Disease”. This is a term coined by the scientific community. It is commonly used when referring to metabolic syndrome and the ill-effects of an overly sedentary lifestyle.


Read more about these benefits of standing on Just Stand. Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Also, share to those who need to know more about the many benefits of sitting.

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