Spotify Now Allows Users Sort ‘Liked Songs’ By Mood Or Genre

Spotify Now Allows Users Sort ‘Liked Songs’ By Mood Or Genre

The way Spotify compiles your favorite songs in a single location (“Liked Songs”) is a bit jumbled at the moment. It mixes up ballad titles with rap songs, for example, making it less preferable as a go-to destination on the app if you’d like to listen to some romantic music in a given moment.


Things are about to change, though. Spotify announced today that it is launching a new feature that will allow you to filter your Liked Songs by genre or mood. The new capability will give you the freedom to listen only to titles that match your vibe at the moment without suddenly switching to a different kind of mood.


With the genre and mood filters, you can sort your favorite songs by up to 15 different mood and genre categories. Note, however, that your Liked Songs library needs to have at least 30 titles in it for the filters to show up.

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To enable the new filters, you can simply open “Your Library” and then go to your Liked Songs. After that, you can pick a filter that’s displayed across the top of the playlist header so all the titles under that mood or genre will show up. Of course, you can change your selection by tapping the x button beside the filter and then choosing another mood or genre.


These filters will update as you remove or add new songs to the library. Initially, these filters will be available in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa in the next few weeks. The feature will go live on Android and iOS for free and paid subscribers.



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