What caused Spotify and Discord Tuesday outages?

Rumour has it that Apple’s event on Tuesday may have caused the Spotify and Discord outages, but the companies do not agree.

Coincidentally, when many people were tuning in to watch Apple’s live event, streaming services Spotify and Discord users started experiencing issues. Not long after the outcries, both companies confirmed that they had suffered malfunctions. 

According to the Discord Status board, the problem seemed to persist for over 3 hours 30 minutes. It had sent a distress message to alert users that something was up, saying, “We are currently investigating an increase in API Errors and Push Notification Errors.” Then, a series of investigation, monitoring, and updating activities followed over the course of several hours.

Then, at 12:41 (PST), it announced: “Typing events have been re-enabled. At this point all functionality has been restored and the service appears to be operating as designed. Oncall Engineering will continue to monitor the service and will work to understand the root cause of this issue with our provider partners.”

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Meanwhile, for Spotify, it first acknowledged the issue at about 10:22 (PST). “Something’s not quite right, and we’re looking into it. Thanks for your reports!,” it had tweeted from its status account. And within nearly one hour, the service was restored to normal working conditions.

Besides the speculations that Apple’s event may have caused the Spotify and Discord outages, there are also worries that it may have been caused by massive DNS or Amazon Web Services (AWS) issues. We had seen how increased online traffic threatened worldwide servers at the height of the pandemic lockdown. However, the case of Discord and Spotify has nothing to do with these.

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