You are currently viewing Music streaming platform Spotify inks deal with Spanish giant football club Barcelona

Music streaming platform Spotify inks deal with Spanish giant football club Barcelona

Spotify announces a ‘first-of-its-kind’ partnership with Barcelona; see more details on the streaming platform and football club’s deal.

In a blog post, Spotify gave a brief rundown of what the deal, starting July 2022, entails. “Our brand will appear on the front of both men’s and women’s team shirts and training shirts beginning in the 2022-2023 season,” the company said. 

In addition to the above, it will also become its partner, official audio streaming partner, and the name of Barcelona’s stadium has been changed to Spotify Camp Nou.

For Spotify, it wants to use the partnership to spotlight artists from everywhere using the power of both music and football. However, some of the partnership plans are still a matter of the board’s decision in April. Although, the company is positive about the outcome.

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“The vision for the partnership is to create a new platform to help artists interact with Barcelona’s global community of fans.

“As we look to grow the Spotify brand worldwide, there are few partners that have this sort of scale and global reach. Being able to connect music and football fans from Barcelona to Mumbai, Jakarta to Rio de Janeiro, is really a unique opportunity,” Spotify adds.

This is a first for the music streaming platform as its Chief Freemium Business Officer, Alex Norström, confirmed that it had never taken on a partnership as big as this ever. However, it sees it as an opportunity for creators to make more money with increased streaming from the many Barcelona fans all over the world.

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