You are currently viewing You will start seeing Spelling Bee ads at the end of Wordle game

You will start seeing Spelling Bee ads at the end of Wordle game

From April 15  2022, you will start to see an ad to Spelling Bee game at the end of your Wordle game of the day, here is why.

[Some players say they have noticed the ad before April 15]

Originally, Wordle was designed by Mr. Wardle for he and Ms. Shah to while away time. Its simple design of allowing you play just one game a day is also intentional to create a sense of scarcity and have you looking forward to the next day’s game.

However, after the New York Times bought the game and promised players that they will not notice anything different, they have added an ad to the result page,

Before now, players only had to screenshot the result page (or choose not to when it is embarrassing) and share with their online friends. The ad is to another word game named Spelling Bee owned by the NYT.

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According to a profile on Wardle, published in the New York Times, he had admitted that the Spelling Bee game had inspired Wordle a lot. In fact, the decision to limit it to one a day was also because of how the Spelling Bee game was designed.

The ad is a clever ploy to get more people to know about it and start playing it because if you have time to spare after you have finished your Wordle puzzle of the day, you might be tempted to just quickly peek at Spelling Bee.

Spelling Bee ad in Wordle
Spelling Bee ad on Wordle result page

Yet, Wordle players do not mind because the ad is actually a very small banner and is so non-intrusive that you could even forget about it after a while.

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