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SpaceX Launch

SpaceX Reschedules Its First Manned Launch Due To Bad Weather

Elon Musk’s SpaceX has had to reschedule the launch of its first manned flight to space 17 minutes before the time due to bad weather. The two NASA astronauts onboard SpaceX’s capsule, Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley have the opportunity to try again on Saturday, 30th May 2020.


A light rain showered around the NASA Kennedy Space Center in Florida throughout the day. Then later in the afternoon, the rain stopped and clouds began to dissipate.


Mission controllers had made the prediction that the weather would have cleared up 10 minutes after launch. However, the weather just wasn’t cooperating for the planned launch time. However, the launch time cannot be shifted to the predicted 10 minutes later because, for the spacecraft to be able to meet up with the International Space Station passing overhead, liftoff must occur at a precise moment.


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Mission Control informed the astronauts of the unfortunate news.


“Unfortunately, we’re not going to launch today,” an engineer said to the crew. “It was a great effort by the team, and we understand, and we’ll meet you there,” Hurley said in response.


“We continue to violate a couple of different weather rules that we now do not expect to clear in time to allow for a launch today. We’re going to go ahead and end today’s launch attempt,” SpaceX launch director Mike Taylor said about 20 minutes before the planned liftoff.


SpaceX has never taken people to space before, although had previously carried cargo, to the space station. The two astronauts will try again on Saturday, hopefully, the weather will be more favourable by then.


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