You are currently viewing South Korean Boy-Band, BTS, Mandated To Serve In Country’s Military For 18Months

South Korean Boy-Band, BTS, Mandated To Serve In Country’s Military For 18Months

Popular South Korean Band BTS will be undergoing the compulsory 18 months military service as mandated by the Government

South Korean Boy-Band, BTS, Mandated To Serve In Country's Military For 18Months
BTS Members

This information was made known by the band’s management, after a continuous argument online whether the band will be exempted from the service

The seven members of the group will all complete their required military service

and won’t ask for any additional extensions or special exemptions, according to a statement from BigHit Music.

Meanwhile the oldest member of the BTS Group, Jin, will be the first to serve,

and when they have completed their military obligations, the stars will reunite as a group again around 2025.

Jin, 29, had been given a two-year extension, but he still faced being drafted when he turns 30 in December.

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That cast a shadow over BTS future and caused a rift in the nation

over whether to permit the adored band to put off the draft altogether or just delay it further.

Meanwhile, as a measure of defense against the threat posed by North Korea, South Korea’s nuclear-armed neighbor, all able-bodied men are required by law to serve 18 to 21 months in the military.

However, the legislation permits select people, such as athletes, musicians,

and other people who raise the stature of the nation, to receive exceptional exemptions.

According to a statement from BigHit Music, the K-pop stars were “proud to serve” their nation.

The music agency also said that the announcement came at the “ideal time” after a “phenomenal concert to boost Busan’s candidacy for the World Expo 2030.”

Jin is expected to start the process to join the military as soon as the schedule for his solo release ends at the end of October, the group’s agency said.

Other members of the BTS group plan to carry out their military service



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