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South Korea Fines Tesla For Vehicles Poor Performance In Low Temperature

South Korea antitrust regulator, Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC), is looking to fine Tesla about $2.1 million for failing to disclose how bad its vehicles perform in low temperatures. The commission said that the company’s EVs had shorter driving range during this periods.

KFTC is tackling the company’s advertisements, which touts the distance users can cover on one charge and its effectiveness when compared to fossil-fuel-powered vehicles. It said that the EVs’ performances dropped by about 50.5 per cent in cold weather, and the company had not warned about this while advertising.

However, Tesla does mention that owners should pre-condition their vehicles with external power sources when driving in winter as well as employ the updated Energy app to track energy consumption.

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The problem is not local to US-made Tesla alone as Gadgets360 reported that a South Korean consumer group had complained in 2021 about EVs losing close to 40 per cent of their performance rating during cold temperatures.

Also, the Korea Fair Trade Commission had fined Mercedes-Benz about $15.8 million in 2022 over false advertising claims of gas emissions from its vehicles.

South Korea Fines Tesla For Vehicles Poor Performance In Low Temperature
Tesla store in South Korea. Image Source: Forbes.

Tesla has not responded to news of the fine in South Korea as it is still reporting on its Q4 2022 vehicle delivery performance that saw it ship 405,000 of the 439,000 cars it produced in that period. The number brings its total delivery of 2022 to 1,313,851 but its shares saw its worst performance in the past two years with a drop of over 60 per cent.

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