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Sony Schedules PS5 Event For Wednesday 16th September 2020

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Sony has announced that it will be holding a special PlayStation 5 (PS5) event on 16th September 2020. The company says it will broadcast a 40-minute “digital showcase” that will include updates from first-party Sony game studios and third-party partners.


Sony says the event will give viewers ‘one more look at some of the great games coming to PS5 at launch (and beyond!)’ before the console launches.


The console maker announced the event and its timing via its Twitter handle on Saturday, 12th September 2020.


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It is possible that PlayStation releases a launch date and price for the PlayStation 5 at the event. Sony began pre-registration for PS5 preorders in August 2020, however, the company has kept mum on official preorders or pricing and release date information.


Its rivals, Microsoft will open up Xbox preorders on 22nd September 2020. Microsoft had originally scheduled to announce its Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X launch plans and pricing next week, however, the pricing of the Series S leaked online and it brought it forward.


Sony has two versions of its next-gen PS5. It has a disc-less digital edition PS5 and the regular PS5 and it is expected that they will announce the pricing for both consoles.


Sony will also try to make its PS5 appealing and will be watching its pricing. The Xbox Series X console is priced at $499 and the Xbox Series S at $299 and Sony will try to outperform Microsoft in that area. The PlayStation 5 event will take place on Wednesday at 8 PM GMT / 9 PM WAT.


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