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Sony Says You Cannot Expand The SSD Storage On Your PS5 Yet

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Sony has announced that you won’t be able to expand the SSD storage on your PS5, at least initially. Although the PlayStation 5 can load virtual worlds faster than ever before, because of the solid-state drive storage it uses, however, its storage capacity is quite small.


The PS5 has a dedicated internal slot that can fit a standard stick-shaped M.2 SSD. Also, while there is an easy way to access it, the slot will be disabled out of the box. Sony says the slot is reserved for a future update.


PlayStation hardware architect, Mark Cerny also talked about the SSD storage expansion feature in his technical preview in March 2020. However, he said at the time that the PS5 gamers would have to wait.

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“It’d be great if that happened by launch, but it’s likely to be a bit past it, so please hold off on getting that M.2 drive until you hear from us,” Cerny said. Cerny explains that there’s a couple of reason for this, namely; not all M.2 SSDs are fast enough to keep up with the PS5, thin enough to fit into the SSD bay, or compatible with Sony’s I/O controller. Sony says it will do compatibility testing later in 2020 to make sure.


For off-the-shelf SSD’s to be compatible, Cerny says they may need to deliver more than 5.5GB/sec of bandwidth over a PCIe Gen4 connection. He also says their heatsinks must be small enough to fit into the PS5’s drive bay.


The PS5 ships with an 825GB SSD drive and may come with as little as 667GB of usable storage, according to leaks. This means if you’re planning on storing a lot of games, you may need more storage, thus you may have to expand the SSD storage.


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