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Sony is working on making ps3 gadgets work on PS4 and PS5

Sony is working on making previous-gen gaming gadgets work on PS5

According to a patent, Sony seems to be working on a tech that allows you to play PS4 and PS5 with gadgets from the PS3 era. Of course, a patent only proves that it is an idea that the company is working on, but it’s still pretty exciting.

Before this news, the general thought was that the next-gen gaming consoles would put an end to gadgets or peripherals from before. The sheer number of gaming gadgets that would become useless when everyone moves into the next gen is quite a lot.

However, it appears that some groups at Sony are thinking the same thing. Why let all these impressive gadgets just go to waste? So, a Game Rant report claims that Sony already has a patent filed to let users play next-gen games on the latest consoles using old gaming peripherals.

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The peripherals seem to be only from the PS3 generation and not older, as a screenshot of the patent shows.


While the language is as technical as we’d expect, it involves something called a ‘legacy card reader’ that will let you use gadgets like PlayStation Eye, PSP Go, PlayStation Mouse, a DualShock controller, Sony Media Remote, and more on next-gen consoles. The patent itself is tagged ‘Systems and Methods For Converting A Legacy Code Into An Updated Code.’

The company is yet to say anything officially on the issue, but it is not the first time that this kind of tech has made the news. Push Square mentioned something like this in April 2022. It is not yet clear if these ‘legacy’ devices will have special uses or just have the capability to replace specific newer peripherals.

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